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James Wesley Wilson
by Arden Mays Merckle Jr
James Wesley Wilson, son of James Wilson and Mildred Moore, was born 11 February 1740 in Benholm, Scotland; died 21 March 1825 Effingham, Georgia, USA. 
Married (1) Eliza Ann Gordon in 1784 and (2) Sarah Woodward.

James Wilson, the progenitor of the Wilson family herein described, was born in Scotland about 1740, and came to North Carolina long before the Revolutionary War. He served in the Revolutionary War in which he was commissioned Captain, 19 April 1777, in the 10th North Carolina Regiment from which he resigned 20 May 1778, and joined Captain James Mitchell's Company, 31 May 1778 until 01 January 1780. He was taken prisoner by the British at Charleston, South Carolina, 12 May 1780, as Captain-Lt. in the South Carolina Artillery Regiment1.

Captain James Wilson moved from North Carolina and settled in Effingham County, Georgia, where he lived until his death on 01 March, 1825. Captain James Wilson's son, James Wilson, served in the War of 1812 as Captain in a Georgia Regiment. (See White's Statistics of Georgia). According to tradition, he was also a drummer in the Revolutionary War.

When Captain James Wilson came to Georgia, he brought with him his first wife Sarah and their three sons, John, James, Jr., and Jesse. After the death of his first wife, he married Mrs. Eliza Ann (Gordon) Pace, in 1784. Eliza Ann Gordon, born ca 1755 in N. C. married first, ca 1770, a Mr. Woodward; second, ca 1775, a Mr. Pace; and third, 1784, Captain James Wilson. The parents of Eliza Ann Gordon came from Edinburgh, Scotland, and settled in the Carolinas. Two of her brothers were on opposite sides in the Revolutionary War. One was Captain of a Company of Loyalists, while the other brother was with the Colonists.

Eliza Ann Gordon had a son, Tryon Pace, born 13 October 1776, with whom she lived after the death of her husband, Capt. James Wilson, and at whose home she died.

Issue of James Wesley Wilson and Eliza Ann Gordon:

1.Luke Wilson born 01 June 1785 Effingham, Georgia, USA; died 23 April 1861 Effingham, Georgia, USA.
2.Gabriel Wilson born 17 October 1787 Effingham, Georgia, USA; died 09 May 1815.
3.Jeremiah Wilson born 1792 Effingham, Georgia, USA; died January 1877.
4.Elihu Wilson born 22 March 1796 Effingham, Georgia, USA; died 19 March 1856 Effingham, Georgia, USA.
5.Allen Wilson born 09 October 1798 Effingham, Georgia, USA; died 23 October 1855 Thomas, Georgia, USA.
6.Henry Wilson born September 1801 Effingham, Georgia, USA; died 03 June 1817.

Issue of James Wesley Wilson and Sarah Woodward:

1.John Wilson born 1762.
2.James Wesley Wilson, Jr. born 1764; died November 1833 Effingham, Georgia, USA.
3.Grace Wilson born 03 January 1772.
4.Jesse Wilson born 04 July 1773 Effingham, Georgia, USA; died 06 November 1849 Warren, Ohio, USA.
5.Martha Wilson born 1777.
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